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The Siromer 304 is the original Siromer tractor, a great value for money sturdy workhorse. The Siromer 304 comes complete with a creeper gearbox. A creeper gearbox has an additional low ratio that can be used by the operator to creep at speeds as low as 0.2MPH. Fitted with a 3 cylinder direct injection diesel engine, featuring selectable 4WD and diff lock. This model is available with an independently controlled front loader which comes complete with a 4-in-1 bucket.
Opt for a 304 Siromer tractor and you'll also get a choice of tyre; agricultural, turf or wide agricultural tyres. Agricultural tyres are designed to dig into the ground and these 8.3" ag tyres come complete with wheel weights to give you extra traction. Turf tyres are popular with gardeners, golf courses and sailing clubs as they are engineered to leave little imprint on the ground. Both agricultural or turf tyres can be upgraded to rear wide 12.5" agricultural tyres for the best of both worlds. A wide rear tyres spreads the weight of the tractor over a larger area, reducing ground imprint, whilst also providing plenty of grip. Wide Ag tyres are an additional £300+vat.


This tractor is available flat packed to build yourself or pre-assembled ready to work.

Click here to see how to build your own

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