CH Range Cab

404CH Synchro Cab

Siromer's latest model fitted with shuttle synchro transmission is available with a Cab keeping you warn and dry in the winter and cool in the summner.
Synchronized four speeds of the main shift and high/low range supply tractors with 8 Forward and 8 Reverse Speeds. The main shift allows you to shift "on the fly" making operation smooth. Engineered for power, this 40HP CH tractor comes as standard with electric stop start and underslung exhaust, making this tractor a great workhorse.

504CH Cab

The new 504 CH range tractor applies Siromer’s engineering expertise to meet the needs of smallholders and small-scale farmers.
Siromer's latest range comes with the same great quality and service Siromer have provided since 1999.
Engineered for power, the larger 50HP CH tractor is now available with a fully airconditioned cab.
The 504CH fitted with a cab also features a shuttle synchromesh gearbox.
Optional front mudguards, trailer brakes and pick up hitch are available.

754CH Cab

The new Siromer 75HP CH Range tractor provides Siromer dependability and performance to a wide range of applications,
like arable farming, small-scale livestock, daily duties in dairy production as well as front loader works or tasks at specialized farms.
Engineered for power, the larger 75HP CH tractor comes complete with airconditioned cab and synchromesh gearbox.  
Optional trailer brakes and pick up hitch are available.

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